You can join PGS SA as a farmer group or you can become a member of PGS SA as a consumer or retailer.

Why choose PGS as a farmer?

PGS is a market access enabler for smallholder farmers who are committed to the principles of agroecology and organic farming methods. It is low-cost and focused on community strength and knowledge building. Farmers are engaged in an ongoing learning process which helps improve their farming practices. PGS unifies smallholder farmers, fostering food and seed sovereignty, the protection of indigenous knowledge, and building partnerships with existing agricultural structures.


Why choose PGS as a consumer or retailer?

Consumers and retailers have the opportunity of being actively involved in PGS farm visit assessments enabling them to meet their farmers and experience the land where their food is grown. This affords the end-user the opportunity of understanding the real issues in the food supply chain and the importance of healthy, nutritious food grown in a responsible manner, and its connection to environmental and human health. Participating consumers and retailers are needed to maintain a robust and transparent short food supply chain that supports its local smallholder farmers. Consumers and retailers are members in many PGS groups, not only buying products but also engaged in decision making and management.

Annual membership fee

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Annual membership fee

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