Building a community
of practice
Harnessing the social, environmental and economic potential of organic farming
Participatory Guarantee
Systems or PGS
Local organic certification for farmers, retailers and consumers
PGS is built on - A foundation of trust
- Social networks
- And knowledge exchanges
Localised food systems Farmer-driven value chains Helping South Africa
transition towards food
Working towards a healthier and more robust food system

The Organic Farmer Journey

Farmer progression into the organic value chain through a community of practice and alignment with the organic certification road map.

Foundation Phase

Onboarding and nurturing a community of practice.

Consolidating Production

Farmer planning, set-up and practice.

Stakeholder Engagement

Organisational mapping and support.

Establishment of the PGS

Adopting organic standards and finding markets.

Creating Localised Food Systems

Engaging with the certification road map, trade and opportunities

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Organic sector News

Read the latest stories about our organisation, our farmers and the best practices towards a healthier food system in South Africa

Global organic news

News from the Ground

Contribute towards the growth of PGS in South Africa

Be a part of the food sovereignty movement

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